Practice Nonviolent Communication

meets every Monday

7:30 pm - 9 pm.


Regents Park Apartments

5050 S Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, IL

Journeys Of Life™:
A program to Promote Health, Wholeness and Dis-ease Prevention

Program Premises

· Human Beings have Vast Innate Resources of Wisdom, Knowing and Healing Power.

· Cultural Learning Fosters Disconnection from this Intricate Interiority.

· Disconnection from Self-Leads to Dis-ease, Suffering and Violence.

· Restoring Connections with Self and Others Lead to Health and Healing.

Journeys of Life Program™
Strengthens our Ability to:

· Promote Deeper Self Understanding to
Foster Health and Well-being.

· Communicate to Empower Self and Others.

· Live a Nonviolent Way of Life.

· Manage Stress and Prevent Burnout.

· Find Balance and Joy in life.

· Manage Self in Conflict and Anger.

· Transform Hostile Interactions
into Satisfying Connections.

· Improve your Sense of Humor.

· Increase Awareness to Integrate Compassion
into Competent Work Environment.
The Training Can be Applied to:

· Promote Physical and Mental healing
and Wholeness

· Alleviate Pain, Anxiety and Depression

· Promote Nonviolence and Health
in the Community.

· Foster Effective Parenting, Teaching,
Mentoring, and Nursing.

· Enhance and Enrich Personal and
Professional Relationships.

· Improve Morale and Productivity.

· Build Cohesive Work Teams

· Enhance Effective Communication

Various Programs under Journeys Of Life™ Program