Practice Nonviolent Communication

meets every Monday

7:30 pm - 9 pm.


Regents Park Apartments

5050 S Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, IL

Life Enrichment Program

Life Enrichment Program (LEP) is a full-service consulting and training program. We assist people in clarifying and achieving their personal and professional goals. By analyzing your life, training you and your family and staff, and providing ongoing consulting/coaching, we can help you create harmonious living and working environment possible to ensure your success. LEP has a variety of components theoretical, practical, pshychological, emotional and spiritual in order to meet an individual or company's needs. Most of our work is with individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses: people who are committed to change and excellence.

Business Consulting/Coaching

At LEP we assist you in defining your goals and objectives, support you in resolving problems and provide suggestions to implement change for a more efficient, dynamic, successful business. Sometimes people need ongoing support to achieve their goals, particularly when a goal involves a habit to be eliminated or a behavior to be developed. Many people are so intent on "doing it by themselves" that they never get it done. Our consulting/coaching sessions can range from one time to weekly to quarterly.