Practice Nonviolent Communication

meets every Monday

7:30 pm - 9 pm.


Regents Park Apartments

5050 S Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, IL


what to expect from this FREE practice

What is Nonviolent Communication?

As the name implies, this approach to communication emphasizes compassion as the motivation for action rather than fear, guilt, shame, blame, coercion, threat or justification for punishment. In other words, it is about getting what you want for reasons you will not regret later. These techniques allow you to make conscious choices about how you will respond whether you get what you want, or not. It is definitely NOT about guilt and tricking people into giving you what you want.

The skills are built on Dr. Marshall Rosenberg's model of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). The process of NVC encourages us to focus on what we and others are observing, how and why we are each feeling as we do, and what each of us would like to have happen. NVC enables us to find peaceful ways to meet everyone’s needs. These skills emphasize personal responsibility for our actions and the choices we make when we respond to others.

NVC skills will assist you in dealing with major blocks to communication such as demands, diagnoses and blaming. In NVC trainings you will learn to express your feelings without attacking and this will help minimize the likelihood of defensive reactions in others. The skills will help you make clear requests. They will help you receive critical and hostile messages without taking them personally, giving in or losing self-esteem. These skills will be useful with your family, friends, students, subordinates, supervisors, co-workers and clients, and also with your own internal dialogues. Nonviolent Communication is a clear and effective model for communicating in a way that is cooperative, conscious and compassionate. 
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