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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practical tool for self and self management. Meditation is an ancient exercise in connecting with self and attaining equanimity. Connecting with self means connecting with our inner wisdom; being congruent with our own feelings and values. Meditation involves a systematic practice of mental habits that reduce painful mind states which result from fear and anger. In meditation the individual engages with the true self through increasing detachment from all external objects and passions.

Meditation is derived from the same root as the Latin word ‘mederi’ meaning ‘to heal.’ word "heal" comes from the Indo-European root "to make whole" and meditation can certainly be looked at as a healing process, both emotionally and mentally and to a certain extent physically. In other words, healing is the restoration of our wholeness of mind, body and spirit. Anything that promotes a sense of isolation may lead to dis-ease. Meditation is used here to describe a number of different uses of the mind, like concentration on breath, contemplation and chanting. Relaxation, meditation and yoga have proved to increase the productivity of the mind and body, and to create a state of well-being and inner peace. The regular practice of meditation allows ourselves time for compassionate alternatives to arise from the heart which will have long lasting consequences versus immediate solutions. Meditation is not about passivity but about active awareness of our direction and strength.

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